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    Keeping Your Church Out of Court Pt. 4

    Primary legal issues or concerns that churches are facing in today's culture. Part 4 continues with employment practices, premises liability claims, and internal revenue code.

    Length: 53 minutes

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    Ministers Tax Seminar, Feb. 2007, Pt. 1 of 2

    Tax help and tips for Ministers.

    Length: 55 minutes

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    Lost and Found, pt. 2

    What do the unchurched think about Christianity, and how do we reach them? Part 2.

    Length: 46 minutes

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    Coaching Workshop 1/5

    Bob Bumgarner opens up his series on coaching by establishing a firm definition of what it means to coach others.

    Length: 68 minutes

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    Spiritual Leadership 2

    In part 2 of the 'Spiritual Leadership' series, Bob Shelton explains that in order to lead others, we must first follow God from the heart.

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Looking Out For Kids: A Youth Minister's Role, pt. 2

    Rachel Mitchell discusses Arizona's Mandatory Reporting Law and what churches can do to help victims of abuse.

    Length: 55 minutes

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    Church Planting for High School Students

    Ben Barfield discusses church planting and how high school students can get involved.

    Length: 42 minutes

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    Confronting the Cults

    Chris Elkins, born and raised in a Christian home, for a time was a member of the Unification Church. Chris tells his story.

    Length: 48 minutes

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    Christianity: One of a Kind, or Just Like the Others? Part Three

    In a world of incredible religious diversity it is difficult to know or believe with certainty that what we believe as Christians is right while every other religious perspective is wrong. Is there any way for us to really know for sure? Yes!

    Length: 32 minutes

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