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    Margins for Living

    Jane Bishop explores the fundamentals for establishing margins in our lives so we can be the best God created us to be.

    Length: 48 minutes

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    08 Church Tax Seminar, Pt. 1

    Tax help and tips for church treasurers.

    Length: 55 minutes

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  • 1401

    Protecting the Innocent: Clergy Sexual Misconduct & the Chruch

    Explores ways that the church can write policies and procedures which can help to protect innocents in the church from being victims of clergy sexual misconduct.

    Length: 41 minutes

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    La Relacion EBV - ED

    The relationship between Vacation Bible School and Sunday School

    Length: 54 minutes

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  • 524

    Starting a Ministry with Single Adults

    A look at the basics for beginning a ministry to single adults.

    Length: 46 minutes

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  • 618

    Transformational Discipleship and Small Groups

    The purpose of Small Groups is not to just provide information, but to experience following Christ in real-life situations.

    Length: 37 minutes

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    Christianity: One of a Kind, or Just Like the Rest? Part One

    In a world of incredible religious diversity it is difficult to know or believe with certainty that what we believe as Christians is right while every other religious perspective is wrong. Is there any way for us to really know for sure? YES!

    Length: 39 minutes

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    Understanding and Discipling the Adolescent World, (Part 5)

    A look at the adolescent world as the "discipleship" process we bring kids through and ask the tough questions... that maybe the church is afraid to ask. Part 5 of a 6-part series.

    Length: 41 minutes

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  • 296

    Reconnecting Church with Today's Culture

    This presentation deals with the disconection of churches with today's culture and finding ways to reconect or connect people for the first time to Christians and church.

    Length: 62 minutes

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